About Wood iPhone Cases

"Feel connected with a forest in your life."

Smartphones have become a necessity to our everyday life. We keep the phones beside ourselves almost 24 hours a day.
Then we wondered if we could add something to the phones to make them like "a forest," or something that brings warmth and relief to us, wherever we are living our lives; We hope our wood iPhone cases would work for that.


■Main Features

■Main Features

1. Beautiful Wood Grains

Every solid wood has unique grain patterns that are completely different depending on the cutting portions and directions.
Well-polished rounded surface of the cases highlights the beauty
of wood grains, which is the proof
of very careful handwork. Please see how expressive and attractive the wood faces appear.


2. Smooth Texture

Japanese cedar

An iPhone in the wood case comfortably
fits your hands at the moment you
touch the phone. Feel the smooth
and warm texture intrinsic to a
solid natural wood.


3. Functionality

Our crafts are utensils that are used in our everyday life. Thus they should have not only good appearance but also usefulness and durablility.

You may think this is a matter of course; however, too many wood cases widely available in the world are in fact produced without considering the importance of functional quality.

Our wood cases are designed based on good consideration of the characteristics of natural materials to ensure high functional quality to all wood lovers (see below for more details).


Wood is a material like a living creature: it swells/shrinks in response to changes in the surrounding environmental conditions. If no measures are taken to moderate such natural motions of the wood, the swelling/shrinking may cause slipping-down of iPhones through the wood cases and/or cracking of the cases themselves.

The primary measure is to process the materials according to careful predictions of the natural motions by understanding the characteristics of wood species and checking the grain patterns. This is a basic procedure well known to carpenters and wood crafters; however, the procedure is often omitted in the world of mass production.

inside (image)

In addition to carefully processing the materials, we have attached special inner plastic chips to our wood cases to moderate the natural motions of the wood. The chips are easily replaced with thinner or thicker chips (different by 0.1-0.2mm) to adjust the sizes of the cases and prevent cracking of the cases and loothening of the phones.

    * Note that we do not guarantee that no cracking or breakage will occur.
     Please also see Cautions and Repair Service.




The wood cases may become too dry and sometimes small cracks (chaps) may be caused on the cases while using them at cold or dry places or under air conditioner. Regular maintenace with natural oils or waxes is recommended for moistening and lustering to keep the cases beautiful and in good conditions. Use of natural oils such as linseed oil, rapeseed oil and beeswax is especially recommended.

Be careful!

Wood works are fragile and easily become broken depending on the usage environment. Please keep in mind proper useage and regularly perform maintenance (as described above) for safe and long-time use of the products.

Avoid the followings to prevent failures of the products such as breakage and change in shape and color:
- Use at any places with extreme changes in temperature or moisture (e.g. under the direct light, around heaters, inside hot vehicles, wet or moist places)
- To forcedly attach an iPhone to and detach it from the product
- To add impacts on the product (e.g. dropping the product from a high place)
- To make contact with sharp objects
- To attach chemical agents such as alcohols
- Use of the product for improper purposes.  


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