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KEY CASE - egg -

sample (American cherry)

Is this an egg?

sample (American cherry)

No, an wood key case.

(example: American cherry)

sample (Euroean beech)

Shaped to fit in a hand. A house key can be stored inside.

You will feel warm-hearted every time you touch the round case when you go out and return home.

sample (Euroean beech)

A key pops out of the case. The key is fixed by pushing a small wood stopper.

                    (example: European beech)


Material: Wood
Size (*): W46×H34×L75 mm (app.)
Price: JPY7,500- (+ tax)

sample (Euroean beech) * Size of the key for this item:

  total length (A): 50-60mm
  maximum width (B): 27mm
  maximum key width (C):12mm
  thickness: 2.0 - 2.5mm

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