Introduction of the Works

WOOD IPHONE CASES (Full-cover type) -Japanese cedar-

Japanese cedar Japanese cedar (perspective)

invisible leters








Material: Wood (Compressed Japanese cedar)
Size: W70xH23xL130mm (app.)
Weight: 70 g (app.)
Price: JPY18,300 (+tax)

<Features of the material>

Compressed Japanese cedar: There are abundant Japanese cedar trees now at Japanese forested sites.  The wood of cedar trees is characterized by soft and warm texture, but it has been rarely used for precise crafted products because of the softness.  Wood compression processing technology is expected to be a solution to make the best use of the cedar trees.

<About our work>

Using the cedar wood comressed for strengthening, we have created an exquisite work as below.

Beautiful appearance Japanese cedar (enlarged)

Please take note of the flowing grains shining on the well-polished surface of the work. You will be imressed at the beauty intrinsic to the tree and emphasized by both the compression processing and our handwork.



Japanese cedar (example)

You will feel the soft and warm texture characteristic to cedar wood at the very moment when you touch the rounded surface.

    * Every natural wood has a unique grain pattern, and
     the photo samples on our website are for reference only.
     Newly produced works may have different appearance from that of the
     samples with the same product name.
     Please contact us for more details.


About Wood iPhone Cases

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