Introduction of the Works

WOOD IPHONE CASES (Full-cover type) *for iPhone 6 and 7

IPhone 6 and 7 are characterized by their thin and smart shapes. This wood case will add warm wood texture to your iPhone without losing its smartness.

usage (iPhone6)

* We are carring out the production of wood cases for iPhone 6 and 7 on order-made basis. Please contact us for the inquiries on the wood cases you are interested in.

<Examples of the works> iPhone6



Assamela (left)


Size: W79xH22xL150mm (app.)
Weight: 80 g (app.)
Price: JPY18,200 (+tax)

<Features of the material>

Assamela (Afromosia): An African legume tree.  The beautiful right-yellow wood is popularly used as substitute for teak wood for cabinetwork and buildings.

European beech (right)


Size: W79xH22xL150mm (app.)
Weight: 85 g (app.)
Price: JPY18,200 (+tax)

<Features of the material>

European beech: Common tree species in European forests.  The wood has refined beige grains, and popularly used for furniture and interior accessories.

Ebony (middle)


Size: W79xH22xL150mm (app.)
Weight: 120 g (app.)
Price: JPY18,700 (+tax)

<Features of the material>

Ebony: A tropical tree species with dense black hard wood.  The wood is very valuable and has been used for ornaments and Buddhist objects since ancient times.
(Be careful: You may feel that the iPhone case made of this wood is too heavy.)

    * Every natural wood has a unique grain pattern, and
     the photo samples on our website are for reference only.
     Newly produced works may have different appearance from that of the
     samples with the same product name.
     Please contact us for more details.


About Wood iPhone Cases

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